Who Is Selling Direct Online, And How?


Manufacturers selling product direct online to consumers is a touchy subject. If you don’t agree, check out the 40-something comments that were posted in regards to the article I did on Quiksilver launching its E-Commerce site in just over a week. The comments—for the most part—are not simply short-sighted shit talking. There are strong arguments both for and against manufacturers (in this case Quiksilver) selling products direct to customers. In fact, the feedback led me to post a list—and by no means do I believe it to be complete—of actionsports companies selling direct online. So here it is. As always, feedback is welcome.

Here’s a quick list of SOME of the brands selling direct online. If we’re missing some, please leave a comment (and a link to the site) in the comments section at the bottom of this post.

Alien Workshop








No Fear


Ocean Minded












Zoo York

There are a couple of “retail integrated” options out there for manufactures interested in selling products direct to consumers online. Below is a brief explanation of the ones on the radar, and a list of some of the endemic actionsports manufacturers using them.



It stands for Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Consumers, and, according to the website it's the "complete E-commerce solution for brand name manufacturers looking to increase profit margins and take advantage of growing online sales."

Here's a description straight from the site's Overview Page:

“The MWRC Online Sales Coordinator is the complete E-Commerce solution for brand name manufacturers looking to increase profit margins and take advantage of growing online sales. There is no doubt that all leading brand name companies will need a presence in the growing world of E-Commerce. We allow manufacturers to sell their products directly to consumers online without damaging existing retailer relationships while also strengthening and controlling brand image. MWRC is operating a unique, innovative, patent-pending Web-based solution that for the first time protects and enhances retailer networks by including the retailers and sales representatives in revenues from the online sales.

We allow manufacturers to sell their entire inventory online to the public and support their established retailer base. For the first time ever, retailers are incorporated into direct manufacturer to consumer online sales. MWRC provides the web integration, inventory management, accounting, communication, training, and security services that are needed for the future of E-Commerce.

We offer more than credit card processing and shopping carts, we offer a complete, unique, integrated e-commerce solution. Through our easy to use system and scalable infrastrucure, we deliver a fully functional e-commerce system in weeks – compared to other e-commerce providers who may take months or years. The Online Sales Coordinator can have you up and selling in weeks with no significant investment.

By outsourcing with MWRC, you can utilize the power and flexibility of our patent-pending technology and methodology to increase online sales and profits. We eliminate the costly need of building, managing, maintaining and upgrading your e-commerce software and infrastructure. With MWRC you will be free from major costs including: a large IT staff, software licenses, hardware, and ongoing maintenance. The MWRC Online Sales Coordinator is a win/win E-Commerce solution for companies looking to lead the way for the future of E-Commerce in their industries.”

Here are some of the brands in our market on the site's client list:

Body Glove
Global Surf Industries


Another site is Shop-A-Tron.

Shopatron's Website says that it is "the leader in retailer-integrated eCommerce." It services more than 500 manufacturers and 8,000 retailers from 35-plus industries.

Straight From the Company Overview on the site:

“Shopatron is the leading provider of retailer-integrated eCommerce solutions, allowing branded manufacturers to accept orders online and fulfill them through their retailer or dealer channels.

Shopatron serves the needs of manufacturers, retailers and consumers, allowing consumers to purchase online from their favorite brands and still receive the service and convenience of interacting with a retail store, whether the product is shipped or picked up in a nearby store.

Launched in August 2001, Shopatron was years ahead of its time in focusing on eCommerce solutions specifically for branded manufacturers of consumer products. Shopatron has established itself as the leading retailer-integrated eCommerce solution in 30 industries.

Shopatron's commitment to customer service is the foundation on which it stands. Our people are fast, efficient, and friendly and we place a high priority on delivering value to our customers.

Located in San Luis Obispo, California, Shopatron is situated on the Pacific Coast midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles.”

Some of the brands using Shopatron:

Planet Earth

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