Women’s Spotlight: Pro Surfer Laura Enever

As part of our Summer Issue, set to hit next month, we are launching a new department of the magazine specifically dedicated to women in action sports. Whether you are an athlete or admin, there is definitely no shortage of creative ideas, enthusiasm, and dedication from females who have shaped their careers around the industry. We’d like to recognize the most talented individuals in the space, take a look at how women are progressing, and delve into and support what brands are doing to better market this category.

We took a few minutes Saturday morning to watch this new video released by Billabong, shining a light on pro surfer Laura Enever, and it was clear that the new four-part series was the perfect way to highlight the spirit of our new department. In part one, Enever takes us beyond the cameras and contests, and into her world, sharing her hopes and goals for 2013, and giving us a glimpse of her playful, upbeat personality as she decides to spend the whole day with friend and young grommet Pacha for her twelfth birthday party. Enever talks about confidence going into contests,learning from mistakes, and making the most of her life experiences.

After taking some serious inspiration away from Laura’s words, we took a minute to review how women have elevated themselves and their sports over the last few years, and compiled this new section of the site, called Women’s Spotlight. Take a flip through the pages to get inspired by their stories.