LEUS introduces Game Changing Ponchos

With the launch of LEUS' new Game Changing ponchos, gone are the days of accidental flashes and embarrassing bare-it-all moments in the parking lot. And have you ever seen a kid trying to change with a towel that's too big? Not easy!

LEUS Introduces Game Changing Ponchos from Leus on Vimeo.

Cure the I-almost-fell-over-in-the-parking-lot blues with LEUS' all new ponchos! Perfect for changing into wetsuits, bikinis, or fending off the cold between surf sessions. LEUS ponchos feature fun prints and internal pockets a mama kangaroo would be proud to stash her little joey in.

LEUS changing ponchos

Photo courtesy of LEUS.

Key Features:
• Available in kids and adult sizes
• 100% cotton
• Dye printed
• Change anywhere
• Short sleeves
• Internal pocket

About LEUS
LEUS shows up to rage with a diverse collection of towels inspired by the elements of life that excite us most. And now, we're calling on you to join us.

All day fun seekers, lounge chair connoisseurs and pool party crashers linked by a common love of good times—there's no stamp of approval needed to vibe with our tribe.

Rallying a rowdy mix of photographers, designers, musicians, artists, and athletes to craft our newest lineup, our product demands attention with eye-catching prints and new offerings that beg for adventure. So drop your inhibitions and maybe your clothes too, because everyone knows that fun feels better.

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