Star Wars, Disney licensing company Mad Engine acquires Neff

Following an announcement in January that it would be teaming up with Mad Engine—a company that owns licensing rights to big names like Marvel, Disney, and Star Wars and Nickelodeon—Neff has now been acquired by that very same company.

mad engine acquires neff

Neff has been acquired by Mad Engine

In an announcement released Tuesday, Neff said it has been acquired by Mad Engine from Marlin Equity Partners and the Neff family for an undisclosed amount.

Shaun Neff, who founded the youth-focused headwear, accessory and apparel company in 2002, will join Mad Engine as its chief creative officer.

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Shaun Neff had this to say about the news: "This is a great thing for Neff. Mad Engine has a phenomenal team, they're strong financially, and they've got superior supply chain capabilities. Most importantly, they have a deep passion for our business."

He added, "And in this new role, I'm super motivated to bring fresh, out-of-the-box opportunities to the Mad Engine team."

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With Neff in his new role with the company, Mad Engine says it hopes to diversify into the branded apparel and accessory space.

"We're excited to have this opportunity to acquire Neff, a brand we've long admired and feel has significant untapped potential,” said Mad Engine CEO Danish Gajiani. “And, naturally, we're thrilled to welcome Shaun to our Mad Engine team. Shaun is a uniquely talented guy with tons of great, actionable ideas, not only for the Neff business, but for Mad Engine as a whole."

Under the new parent company, Neff will operate from Mad Engine’s branded division in Orange County, California, which was launched when they acquired Lifted Research Group, or LRG, this past March. Mad Engine believes the two companies will be able to share a number of synergies, and sees the new space serving as a launch pad for bringing in additional brands in the future.

Mad Engine was founded in 1987, and has grown from  a T-shirt supplier to design an distribution apparel licensing company. Recently, the company has expanded outside of its core male apparel business to include women’s apparel and loungewear—and its newest branded division with the recent acquisitions.