Meet new brand Leus, led by professional surfers & industry vets

An idea more than two years in the making, Leus made its US debut today.

The brand is the brainchild of industry vets and professional surfer Conner Coffin, who is branching out to add the title “entrepreneur” to his list of accolades


So, what is Leus? The company is launching with a collection of towels, but it’s more than that, explains the founders.

“We've created a brand that consumers want to be a part of—something that makes them feel good,” the crew behind Leus said.

They started by enlisting Coffin, along with photographer Brian Bielmann, surf savant Clay Marzo, and Conner's best friend and brother Parker Coffin as key ambassadors to lead the way.

"I'm so stoked to help launch and stand behind LEUS," said Conner Coffin. "The process has been incredible and we're ready to share some fun with the world."

Instead of rushing to the scene, the Leus crew has spent considerable time doing research and creating a product that will resonate with youth, women, and its core consumer.

Crafted from 100% cotton, the initial offering features a collection of towels with a diverse array of high definition photo prints, eclectic graphics, and jacquard and Turkish wovens.

The main goal is to support retailers in every way possible, according to the Leus crew.

“Surf shops have been selling towels since the dawn of time, but they've always been folded and shoved down in a corner, hidden from customers. We're changing that with innovative POP displays, product design, and an ambassador program that will give consumers a reason to come into to their local shop to buy.”

With that in mind, keep an eye out for some innovative marketing moves from the brand for Spring / Summer, which will include a mis of social media influencers, local heroes, and traditional media campaigns.

We caught up with Leus to hear more.

The following interview has been edited for length and clarity.

It seems like the towel category is starting to gain steam. How will you set yourselves apart from the Slowtides and Lay Days of the world?

LEUS is in the brand business–not in the product business. We have been studying and analyzing sales, and working hard to build a foundation that will support a global brand.

We've done the research and worked with key retailers, ensuring we nailed every aspect for success. LEUS offers high quality product at competitive price points along with revenue generating merchandising/POP solutions. We are very excited for our displays full of product to land in stores this March.

Following our team's prior work experience, we have learned from those past successful accessory brands on how to find a niche market and create a mainstream demand for it. Also, our team of eleven highly experienced sales reps/agencies, spanning the entire country, are key to our success and growth.

Where are you making your products?

We are working with the most reputable, professional, and reliable factories throughout several different countries. Our search led us to places all over the globe in order to find the best possible factories that match our quality and whom can handle our large volume demands.

Where can we find Leus? 

After hand-selecting the best retailers across the country, we're launching with a limited distribution. These industry leaders include Hansen's, Surf Ride, Jack's, Surf N Wear, Heritage, 17th Street, BC Surf, F1RST Surf, North Shore Surf Shop, T&C, and many more. We highly respect brick and mortar and are creating sales programs to help support their success.

LEUS launches globally in 2017; it is available in the U.S. today, in Europe April 1st, and in Australia October 1st. Our product will also be sold on our website for those who do not live near one of these fine retailers.

What has been the most challenging part of launching a new brand? Any lessons learned so far?

It's really challenging and fun at the same time. One of the most challenging aspects of launching a brand is finding the right partners, so we're really happy with who we have on board. Everyone plays a key role and while there will be differing opinions, we will always make decisions based on what's best for success.

What are you each most excited about with the debut of LEUS? What potential do you see within the surf market today?

Honesty, we can't wait to see people using our product out in the wild. The first time we see someone sprawled out on one of our towels that they picked up from their favorite surf shop will be very satisfying. Despite some challenges, the potential within the surf industry is still very strong and relevant. It's an exciting time to enter this relatively new category and we see a lot of opportunity. We can't wait to see what the future holds for LEUS.