Meet the Speaker: Richer Poorer Co-founder & CEO Iva Pawling

As more businesses go back to the drawing board on how to diversify their audiences, the timing for our 2017 STATE OF SURF First Quarter Event couldn’t be more on point. Sometimes, we fall into habits with our day to day practices and it becomes easy to be “trapped in a bubble” with who we are really speaking to.

Iva Pawling is someone who wants to diversify those conversations; she’s on a mission to help reshape the perspectives of those around her. That’s a big reason why we selected her to lead the keynote talk at our upcoming event, June 20, at Holiday in Costa Mesa.

As Co-founder and CEO of Richer Poorer, Iva has been instrumental in shaping the brand’s go-to-market strategy and their innovative and inspirational company culture. On a recent visit to their Southern California offices, it’s easy to see why the business continues to gain traction. The open-air collective atmosphere had music playing, and the staff were up on their feet working together instead of stuck in cubicles with their heads down.

Pawling has a solid business background that has led to her current role, but she also possesses an ability to think outside the box. Couple that with her strong desire to reshape traditional rules and thoughts around business and marketing strategies, and you immediately understand she is a leading force for change and evolution.

iva pawling

After taking a long, hard look at the findings from our report, we realized there was a common theme emerging: How can we, as brands within the surf community, authentically speak to a much more diverse audience than ever before? Iva will offer her insights, key learnings, and ideas on this topic.

We hope you’ll join in the conversation Tuesday, June 20, at Holiday in Costa Mesa from 2-5 p.m. The afternoon will also feature case study discussions from RVCA and Vans executives about how they are diversifying their businesses. Register here.

About Iva Pawling:

Iva is the Co-Founder/CEO & Chief Fire Putter-Outter, of Richer Poorer, a men’s and women’s innerwear brand founded in 2010. The independently-owned brand is sold in over nine hundred retailers across the globe, and maintains operations out of their California based office in San Juan Capistrano.

Iva's career began in the PR closet of Kate Spade in New York City, back in 2003. It was there she learned about the inner workings of the fashion world where she knew her interest would keep her. From there, Iva continued down the PR path to the furthest location possible in the US, Hawaii. There, she was an Account Executive at Bennet Group Public Relations, focusing on clients in the fashion and lifestyle space.

A move to California propelled her back into the brand side, joining her sister's namesake jewelry brand, Gorjana. She was the VP of Business Development there, and after four years of cutting her teeth at the start-up, she took the leap to start Richer Poorer.

Iva resides in Laguna Beach, California with her husband, Andrew, and their four-year-old son, Ford.


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