Mission Workshop launches ‘The Unagi knife’

San Francisco, CA — Dave Rydbom is known in the knife community for building rare and beautiful high-end custom knives. He only makes 100 of them a year, and when he opens his order book each January 1st at noon, all of the available spots are sold out within 30 minutes.

The Unagi knife is a collaboration between Mission Workshop and Dave Rydbom. Photo: Mission Workshop

Dave’s knives are virtually indestructible—he takes pride in creating blades and frames that are some of the most durable and functional in the world. Which is why, when we started the process of creating the first limited production knife to carry the Mission Workshop logo, Dave was the first maker we talked to about collaborating on the project.

From the start, we wanted to create something truly compelling and unique — with a minimalist aesthetic and high utility. Dave captured this vision perfectly with a design he would eventually name The Unagi.

Small details help set the Unagi apart from other knives. Photo: Mission Workshop

The frame of the Unagi is made from strong and light 6AL-4V (Grade 5) titanium, and the blade is made from CPM154 stainless steel. CPM154 is a high-grade blade steel that wears longer, is easier to maintain, and has better corrosion and heat resistance than conventional blade steels. The blade is slightly less than 3" long, striking a great balance between functional and compact, and is considered 50-state legal.

The limited production run of 200 Unagi knives were handmade by Dave's friend Chad Nichols and his crew at Nichols Damascus in Blue Springs, Mississippi — one of the few remaining small-batch knife makers in the U.S.A. After production, each knife is personally inspected, tuned, and sharpened by Dave.

The Unagi is compatible with Mission Workshop’s Arkiv carry system. Photo: Mission Workshop

The Unagi is guaranteed forever. If you want to own one knife to keep and use for the rest of your life, this is it.

The Unagi is a limited edition knife. Only 200 will ever be made.

Ships with a custom Arkiv-compatible carrying case that will attach to most belts and to any Arkiv-compatible Mission Workshop bag or pack.

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