11th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest


Ten years after the tragic loss of a great friend and highly respected skateboarder, Sessions is holding the 11th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest. Sessions team rider, Tim, was always true to his roots as a skateboarder and possessed a positive attitude that did nothing less than inspire friends, family, and the community around him. Tim's untimely passing in 1999 at the age of 25 (read more about him on www.timbrauch.com), led Sessions to create the Tim Brauch Memorial Fund, which donates 100% of the funds towards skateboard park development and scholarships.  

Tim always believed in good values and clearly recognized how important the youth of skateboarding was. Whether traveling to far away countries or hitting up a local spot in San Jose (his hometown), he would always take the time to teach the kids how to skate and make sure they were having a great time. Skateboarding was something that brought Tim that youthful feeling every time he hopped on a board and it most definitely showed up in his style. Fun is the name of the game in skateboarding and Tim was out to prove it.  

One donation made from the Tim Brauch Memorial Fund went to create the Tim Brauch Memorial Skate Park in Scotts Valley, CA, which continues to host the street portion of the contest. The street contest will be held on Saturday, September 26, 2009. Am riders from all over the West Coast will come to show their support of Tim and compete for top place. The 11th Annual Bowl Contest hosted by the World Cup of Skateboarding will be held at the year old Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park in San Jose, CA on Sunday, September 27, 2009. The Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park opened early in 2008 as the largest skate park in California at 68,000 square feet. The park also features the world's longest full pipe, tallest vert wall, and largest cradle. We expect the turn out in 2009 to grow from previous years and continue to help push the future of youth skateboarding among communities. This year we will be having local artists display their work at the contest with live art shows and will be having several bands play throughout the day. In addition, 2 daily raffles will take place giving away great products from our participating sponsors. Food and drinks will also be sold to competitors and observers. This is an event you won't want to miss!

We bring you the 11th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest to re-live the positive aspects of skateboarding that Tim brought to the table, while also incorporating art and music, two things that were equally important in his life. Tim would have loved to be here for this event and will forever be remembered as a legend in the game.

For more info visit  www.timbrauch.com.