12-Year-Old Skater Lands The First 1080

The most talented stars in the skateboarding industry have tried to land the 1080, but never were successful until 12-year-old skate prodigy Tom Schaar came along.

Skateboarding for eight years now, the skate phenom has been mentored by Jeff Jewett, part-owner of MegaRamp, since he was nine-years old. Tom began by landing 540’s on the MegaRamp, he then followed it up with learning 720’s, and last October, learned his first 900 before sticking more than 50 completions of the 900 to date.  As Tom’s extraordinary talent became evident, it seemed like he might have the 1080 in his grip. The one problem? The MegaRamp used for practice at the Woodward West camp provides some of the speed and velocity needed, but the 50-foot gap in the ramp hindered Schaar’s ability to keep that momentum going all the way through to the quarter pipe to land the trick successfully. By teaming up with Red Bull, Jewett and the team at California RampWorks were able to bridge the gap (literally) by creating a custom built roll-over feature that then allowed Tom to drop in on the 70-foot tall MegaRamp and roll right over the giant gap.  As a result, Schaar was able to maintain his speed and his run resulted in the first-ever successfully landed 1080 (three complete spins) on the 27-foot tall quarter pipe.

“It probably took me about a year to get comfortable with the MegaRamp, just skating it and going over the gap and going that high on the quarter pipe.  I’m used to going 6 feet above the quarter pipe, not 15!” said Schaar looking back on his first experience riding the MegaRamp.  “I did it fifth try, which I thought it would take me three days of trying it 40 times.  I was definitely high enough and I could tell I was definitely spinning fast enough and right about at the 720 (second spin), I saw the coping again and I was still two to three feet above the coping.  I got around that last 360 and I was just amazed,” Schaar had to say about his world record accomplishment.

“This is the first session that Tom even attempted the 1080,” said Jeff Jewett, Part-Owner of MegaRamp.  “His 720’s – phenomenal.  His 900’s on Mega – one of the best.  But 3-26-2012 is the first day he ever attempted a 1080 and he got it in 5 tries – phenomenal.”  Jewett added, “The future for Tom Schaar is bright.  If he’s getting 1080’s at twelve-years old, I got no idea! It’s going to be a lot of fun to watch, giving him the platform that is MegaRamp and letting him paint his own future on it is going to be incredible.”