30/30: Colorado’s Mile High Wakeboarding


Steve Jones opened Mile High Wakeboarding in 2007 primarily as a wakeboard school and camp, but over the past four years, the shop has steadily offered new products and services. Attracting a diverse customer base, Mile High has enjoyed doubling growth each year since opening its doors. Customers come from all walks of life, and many are looking to try wakeboarding out for the first time.

Jones makes sure he or his staff has experience with the product they carry before recommending it to a customer. The staff promotes what they feel is the best for each individual customer based on experience and need. Mile High’s expert staff receive 100 hours of training a year and each instructor receives 300 hours of training, ensuring they’re the top of the line when it comes to wakeboarding needs.


The wakeboarding scene is expanding in Colorado, with World Sports and Marketing choosing Prospect Lake in Colorado Springs, Colorado as a stop during last year’s Pro Wakeboard Tour, which will return again during this year’s tour. To help promote new participation and grow the wakeboarding scene, Mile High has held a number of contests on its own private lakes such as the Colorado Wakeboard Festival. In fact, Mile High has run its contests so well that the winners are eligible to go on the Pro Wakeboard Tour.

Mile High Wakeboarding has huge plans for the next couple of years. Jones and his crew have begun the first phase of construction of a series of cable parks. Growing in popularity, cable parks allow anyone wanting to give wakeboarding a try to do it cheaply. The first phase includes installing two straight-line cable systems on a lake in Milliken, Colorado to open by Memorial Day weekend. Jones expects his cable parks to be extremely successful. “In the past week, 250 out of 300 e-mails have been about the cable parks,” said Jones. “People want to know where it will be, how much season passes will be and all that.”

But the two straight-line cable systems are just the beginning. Depending on how successful these systems are, Jones may add two more straight-line runs on the lake. By June, Jones hopes to be working on an indoor cable park that can run year-round, giving riders the opportunity to get on the water even during the cold Colorado winters.

Also in the works is a new boat lake with a full-size cable system allowing 10 – 12 riders on the lake at a time. With all of these projects in the works, wakeboarders will have many more opportunities in the coming years throughout Colorado. The ease and affordability of the new cable parks, Jones hopes, will bring increased participation to wakeboarding in Colorado.

Behind all of the cable park plans for Mile High Wakeboarding is a strong relationship with Endless Ride Cable Systems, the only American cable systems company. This partnership, Jones feels, is vital to his park systems. “If something breaks on a cable system, it can take up to six to eight weeks to get the part and fix it,” said Jones. “But with ERC you can get same-day service and don’t have to spend the whole season waiting for parts.”

If the cable parks are successful, Jones plans on handing over Mile High’s retail operation to Tommy’s Wakeboarding Shop, based in Denver. With Mile High’s tall plans for their cable parks, Colorado is set for an awesome season this summer with new opportunities to shred.