60-Second Sell Agenda Edition: Coalatree Organics

We stopped by the Coalatree Organics booth during the Agenda Long Beach show to see what product they were excited about.  Vice President Charlie Bessey gave us a quick video introduction to the waxed Ranger jacket, set to hit retail for Spring 2013.

What are the some of the specs of the jacket?
The Ranger is a farmwear inspired shell that is water resistant, waxed organic cotton.  It features a corduroy collar, leather logo patch, plaid button flap, wood buttons, and bombardier style pockets.

What retailers will be carrying the Ranger jacket?
How have buyers responded to the jacket?
Buyers were excited to see such a premium piece constructed with organic, technical materials retailing at a great price.
We’re introducing more premium pieces to our line offering this fall with our jackets and button ups.  We thought we’d be limited to which retailers could carry them but our pricing worked out so most accounts will be able to move it.   The jackets retail range is just $125-150, and that’s with recycled or organic materials.