9 Steps To Solve A Problem

picture-97Business owners must become sufficient problem solvers to effectively run a business.

Since problem solving is such an important skill, Inc., listed problem solving steps from Brian Tracy’s book, No Excuses: The Power of Self-Discipline.

Here’s the steps:

1.     Take the time to define the problem clearly.

2.     Pursue alternate paths on “facts of life” and opportunities. Remember, there are some things that cannot be controlled

3.     Challenge the definition from all angles. The more ways a problem can be defined, the more possible solutions there can be.

4.     Iteratively question the cause of the problem. Find the root cause, rather than treating a symptom.

5.     Identify multiple possible solutions. The more possible solutions that can be identified, the more likely a person is to find the solution.

6.      Prioritize potential solutions.

7.     Make a decision. Select a solution and decide on a course of action.

8.     Assign responsibility. Who is going to work on solving the problem?

9.     Set a measure for the solution.

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