Absolute Distributors Open European Offices




Southampton, United Kingdom – Absolute Distributors, the parent company to both Penny and Z-Flex Skateboards, is set to open their new facility on October 31st, 2012. Nestled in Southampton, the new office will serve as a European headquarters that will service their business to business matters for both the United Kingdom and European regions alike.

One of the leading distributors in the UK, TKC Sales, have been the sole distributor of the Z-Flex and Penny Skateboards brands in the UK since January 2011.  The new facility in Southampton will allow Absolute Distributors to manage the Z-Flex brand across the UK from 31st October 2012. This will allow TKC Sales to solely focus on the distribution of Penny Skateboards into the new year. Absolute Distributors will work closely with TKC, on a seamless transition for all current Z-Flex UK accounts throughout the busy Christmas season.

TKC Sales will then complete the transfer of the UK distribution of Penny Skateboards to Absolute Distributors on 1st April 2013. Both TKC and Absolute Distributors will ensure the transitional period for Penny and Z-Flex customers is supported by frequent and effective communication. TKC Sales will continue to work with its Penny Skateboard accounts to maximize sales for the brand during this critical Christmas trading period and into the early New Year.

“Penny is the #1 plastic skateboard brand in the UK, as it is around the world and it’s sure to be this Christmas’ No1 Best Seller. Whilst, we are very excited about continuing distribution into this Christmas season, we will be sad to see Penny leave our portfolio in the New Year. We will be handing Penny over in good health and the team at TKC should feel proud of the position they have secured for Penny in the UK.  We have also enjoyed distributing Z-Flex, one of the original skateboard brands and are excited about the plans Absolute Distributors
have for the brand into the future” says TKC director Matt Woodruffe. “This ongoing arrangement allows us to service our accounts to the level they deserve into the Christmas period, whilst working with Absolute Distributors to further develop the phenomenal success of the Penny Australia Skateboard brand in 2013”.

Absolute Distributors’ founder, Ben Mackay, added “TKC have done a great job with our brands and we would like to thank them for their support over the past two years.  We are very excited about developing our own distribution through our new European headquarters.  The Southampton region is perfect from a logistical sense, because it will allow us to service the whole European region faster and more efficiently than ever before.  This new location will give our European distributors the additional flexibility that they’ve been asking for because it will improve their ability to reduce stock outs and improve speed to market for their respective territories.”

Absolute Distributors services over 45 different countries and is the parent company to both the Penny Skateboards and Z-Flex Skateboards brands.  Z-Flex, a 35 year old skateboarding company, is home to the “original seed” of skateboarding, Jay Adams.  Penny Australia is the original plastic skateboard company, and is widely credited with bringing the fun back into skateboarding and is the worldwide leader in plastic skateboards.