Active Opens 25th Location In Irvine Spectrum


Active Rideshop opened the doors to its 25th store on Saturday, April 26 in The Irvine Spectrum. The store features the same assortment as other Active locations, and includes both apparel and hardgoods. The store’s location is in a highly competitive retail area, so Transworld Business decided to see how things are going so far.

Nearby Competition: active-map-1.png

The 5,000 square-foot shop is virtually flanked by both a Quiksilver Boardriders store as well as a Rip Curl company store, but shop manager Kevin White says he thinks the nearby, highly-trafficked Cheese Cake Factory will help draw in a healthy customer base.

“We’ve got some competition close by, but everyone is pretty cool about it,” he says. “We all kind of help each other out I think. ”

On Jack’s opening this summer in nearby Oak Creek Shopping Center:

“They’re moving in not too far away,” says White. “We have another shop in Irvine, and it’s going to be even closer to that one. So it’s definitely a pretty big store moving in. But that’s a good thing, ou know. Better to have more stores than not enough.”

What’s Selling So Far:

“We’re still figuring that out,” says White. “It’s been pretty diverse so far. Our Active stuff does really well, but also LRG, Altamont, and RVCA are doing really well. RVCA has done really well for us.”

White says that the store has a more diverse customer base than the other stores.

Active will be opening another store in a few weeks in Chino Hills, California.

“We’re still growing strong,” says White. “It’s a fun company to be a part of.”

active-store-2.pngStore Information:

Irvine Spectrum Center

71 Fortune Drive, Sp. 69

Irvine, CA