Agenda Show’s Aaron Levant On Returning To Tokyo


After news hit yesterday that it would return  to Japan,  Agenda trade show gave us the full scoop on what’s happening with its re-launched Tokyo Show, scheduled for August 18-19, 2011, it’s new partnership with GreenRoom, Inc, a Tokyo-based branding company, and plans for expansion in the near future. We caught up with Agenda President Aaron Levant to find out the details:

Why did Agenda feel that right now was the best time to relaunch the Tokyo show?

The timing was right because of GreenRoom, they are the best possible partner and experts in that market so they lead the charge to go now rather then wait.

Did the recent devastation in Japan affect the decision one way or the other?

We were in the works to relaunch in Japan for the last seven months. We were putting the final touches on the contract when the earthquake hit, and i was sure that we would need to postpone for at least a year but my new partners assured me that life goes on and that we would open the show on time in 2011. The Japanese are a resilient nation and it’s really amazing how they are bouncing back from such a huge disaster.

When was the last show in Tokyo?

We launched in Japan in November of 2006. We have been on hold for the last year while we were forming this new partnership with Greenroom. At the peak of the economy in 2006 or 2007, I think, we had four shows a year in Japan—two in Tokyo a year and two in Osaka a year.


What challenges does the Japanese market face right now? How will this show help bridge that gap?

The biggest problem in the Japanese trade-show market is that the largest show for action-sports out there does their show on the wrong dates for the selling windows. As you already have seen from Agenda in the US the date is everything, if the show is not in a good selling window then the show is irrelevant. It’s all about sales, the day of a marketing based show is over.

How did the partnership with GreenRoom develop?

They contacted us then came out to visit our show in California, and we hit it off and the rest is history.

With Agenda in three of the largest cities in the world, where do you see the future of the show heading as far as continued expansion?

We have our goal to launch Brazil in the next 12 months and we have our eye on western Europe as well.