Agenda Trade Show In Huntington Beach Has Strong Attendance

The main aisle on day two of Agenda in Huntington Beach

Last week’s Agenda Trade Show in Huntington Beach was attended by approximately 3,500 people over the course of the two-day event – a number that Show Director Aaron Levant says is on par with previous shows. The event marked Agenda’s first show at the Huntington Beach location, and the first-ever stand alone show Agenda has done since departing from San Diego, according to Levant.

"This was the best Agenda show we've done to date,” Levant says. “The positive response from both exhibitors and retailers has been overwhelming. The amount of quality business that took place across the board speaks for itself in regards to the response from retailers.”

Watch an interview of Aaron Levant from the Huntington Beach trade show floor:

TW Business Talks to Agenda Trade Show Director Aaron Levant

TW Business Talks to Agenda Trade Show Director Aaron Levant

The show, held at the Hyatt Regency Conference Center, had a little more than 100 exhibitors spread across a show floor that was about 10,000-square feet larger than Agenda’s January show earlier this year in San Diego. While the list of exhibitors was about the same size as in the past (San Diego’s January show had about 100 brands in attendance as well), last week’s event expanded the range of brands exhibiting across multiple categories, adding eyewear companies such as Brigada, women’s swimwear brands FEW New Zealand, and surf brands like Hurley and Jedidiah.

The overall mood at the show stayed upbeat through the last hours of the second day, with a strong crowd roaming the aisles late in the afternoon. Find additional TW Business photos and video coverage here.

Volcom’s Executive Vice President of Sales Tom Ruiz was at the show and said he was happy with the retailer turnout: “The draw was really good. We have East Coast accounts here from 17th Street, Ron Jon, Hotline, to some great West Coast shops. The timing was perfect with the launch of Spring ’10, and location during the contest has been awesome. So all around the show got an A. It was awesome, we’re super stoked.”

Duke Edukas of Costa Mesa’s Surfside Sports echoed a similar response. “The show was great,” Edukas says. “There were ton’s of people cruising the aisles and writing orders.  Our buyer’s had appointments with various lines.  I was only there personally the first four hours of the first day, but, I’ll tell you, there was tremendous energy at that show.  I think that the timing was perfect – taking advantage of the crowds generated by the US Open, I’ve never seen so much positive karma in any given week for the surf industry.  The best surfers in the world, surfing the best waves Huntington Beach could ever throw at them, plus, a great trade show, and several vendor lead festivities every night.”

D. Nachnani from Coastal Edge also shared his take on the show. Watch that video and many more here.

Winding down from the bustle of the show, Levant and his crew are getting started on plans for the next Agenda, he says. “Agenda will only continue to provide shows of this caliber. Stay tuned, as we're about to announce the plans for our upcoming stage very soon."