Airblaster Goggles: 2013/14 Helmet & Goggle Preview

Air Goggle in Grey Burgundy & Air Goggle in Gold

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Questions answered by  General Manager Jesse Grandkoski & Design/Development Manager Melissa Grandkoski

What are the three biggest trends you see shaping the market and what are you doing to meet them?
The main trends shaping the goggle market are developing, producing, and marketing goggles that have pseudo-technology, look ridiculous, and function at a lower level than Air Goggles.  We are meeting this challenge by making Air Goggles, which function really well and do not look like an alien and a robot fucked on your face.

Jesse and Melissa Grandkoski

For the upcoming season, what is your brand doing to differentiate itself?
1)   M.I.L.F Technology, available on a variety of new, awesome lenses.
2)   Goggles that actually work.

What new technologies are you introducing to your line?
Non-spherical lenses.
Goggles with frames.
Goggles that actually work.

What trends do you anticipate in the realm of graphics, themes, and colors?
Goggles that actually work really, really well.

What trends have you detected with regards to sales volume?
We sale a lot more replacement lenses than we do new goggles because our goggles work really, really well.