Airblaster Releases New S.Layer Line

Airblaster Releases New S.Layer Line

PRESS RELEASE – Welcome to S.Layer, where wild versatility reigns supreme.We’ve designed an entire line that takes you from the street to the mountain and back again. Drawing from 10+ years of outerwear experience, we’ve used simplified versions of our best fabrics, duly coated with Fluorocarbon-Free DWR, to construct S.Layer outer pieces that perform in style. The soft goods offering speaks for itself, and with the product now available over at, the wild season just began!

In celebration of the release of the S.Layer line, we’ve released August– an Airblaster Classic for your viewing pleasures.The Airblaster Website is now also updated with the new line.

Be on the look out for the new Winter Collection that includes Men’s and Women’s Outerwear and Ninja Suits that drops in September!


About Airblaster:

Rooted in snowboarding, and founded in a basement, Airblaster set out to share the ideals of Fun, Freedom, and Friends. Our first product was the Air Leash, a symbolic accessory, that reminded the wearer and snowboarders-at-large to STAY WILD! While maintaining a deep commitment to our original spirit, Airblaster is serious about making innovative quality snowboard outerwear that protects you from the elements, and supports your daily quest to Stay Wild! From casual wear, to functional Ninja Suits and Outerwear, we crafted a line of Original Fun Product that keeps the FUN in function.