Alpinestars Product Spotlight: B2 Carbon Knee Brace

Alpinestars has released information about their new B2 Carbon Knee Brace which is constructed from an ultra lightweight carbon fiber to provide full protection while also allowing full range of motion for the rider’s knee. The brace design prevents exessive torsional force transfer to the knee which greatly reduces the risk of knee injury in the event of an accident. See below for more details and technical specs on the product.


Carbon construction

• 2 frames constructed of carbon fiber composite material.
• Extremely streamlined for snug fit.
• Thin and vented for additional comfort.
• Removable inner foam liner for comfort and impact absorption, with embossed details for better grip and air circulation.
• Smothered cassette edges for better feel when on the bike.
• Extension stops are included and provide post‐operation support as well as helping prevent hyperextension injuries. The leg extension movement can be blocked from 0 to 20°.
• Internal dual stainless steel hinge link system, engineered to absorb impacts and sustain multi directional loads.

Advanced knee protection

• Free floating, self locating protector affords comfortable protection while riding.
• The protector is removable, allowing the B2 Carbon Knee Brace to adapt for use in sports with no impact risk.
• A Femoral and Tibia slider complete the protection system.

Highly customizable

• Available in either left or right leg versions.
• Mounted on soft pivots for greater freedom of movement.
• D‐ring adjuster for precise, one‐time fitment.
• Quick release buckles for fast fitting and removal.
• Condyle volume adjuster for precise fitting around the knee joint.