Analog: 2011/12 Outerwear Preview

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Analog Alder Jacket with zip-off sleeves, Analog Summit Jean

Analog Alder Jacket with zip-off sleeves, Analog Summit Jean

Brent Lantz, National Sales Director

What are the three biggest trends you see shaping the market and what are you  doing to meet them?

Our Analog family, (yep, that means our team and the kids who buy it too)  ride all season long, in a ton of different conditions and don’t necessarily aspire to look exactly like everyone else. We simply stay on our brand course, listen to our team.  Our goal was to introduce a multi-faceted outerwear line up including our new ATF Collection (Analog Technical Fashion)  which consists of water-resistant,  ride-able Flannels, Woven’s and Fleece that are also treated to keep (you the rider)  smelling fresh.  Riders inspired by Analog Streetwear can incorporate that style into what they ride in without sacrificing the ability to stay warm or dry.  Our  Outerwear line is inspired by our team of riders who are out their every day wanting goods that have a unique design and that keep them happy when the weather isn’t.  Their style combined with our design influence comprise the line…Both outerwear and ATF bookings this season were very strong and early sell through is still being reported.

What are the biggest changes in the outerwear market  you’re seeing for this winter on the business front?

The obvious Pricing and manufacturing issues… especially with China.

What fabrics, colors and technologies are you focusing on for next season?

Buy our goods and find out…

How have you responded to the current market and decrease in prebooks?

We’ve maintained a consistent path that aligns with our brand philosophy, kept a strong relationship with our team and retailers and let that guide our success.

Have you changed your distribution at all from last season? Why or why not?

At Analog we remain focused on growing with our key partners in specialty distribution.

What’s in your crystal ball for 2010/11?

Big snowfall and  great sell through.

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