Annual CPH Pro Contest Garners Financial Support From Danish Government

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE – DVS Shoes in association with the Danish Government and the Copenhagen Skatepark just raised the prize purse for this year's annual CPH Pro contest. Previously set at $50,000, the Danish National Sports Committee just added on an additional $20,000 dollars to the purse—a move that CPH Skatepark Manager William Frederiksen says is a clear indicator of their support of competitive skateboarding.

"The Danish government is interested in more international events going down in Denmark," says Frederiksen. "They are also very supportive of the new wave of street sports that has been happening."

Frederiksen says the application process for the grant was lengthy, but well worth it. "We've put a lot of work into writing an application that explains the importance of CPH PRO for the Danish and Scandinavian skate scene," he says. "Hopefully the extra money will give pros one more great reason to come to this year's event."

The CPH Pro will be taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark on June 27-29.