Antics Licenses Stereo Skateboards & Hi-Fi Wheels


Antics International, the owners of Theeve Trucks and Armourdillo, has acquired the global licensing agreement for Stereo Skateboards and Hi-Fi Wheels.

Stereo was founded in ’92 by Jason Lee and Chris Pastras and the agreement with Antics, which is based in Vista, California and also has an office in Melbourne, Australia, will allow them to focus on the creative and marketing side of the brand while Antics handles the day-to-day sales, distribution, production, and international operations.

"Stereo is one of those brands in skateboarding that has true heritage and respect from the skateboard world,” says Brian Howard, general manager of Antics International. “The opportunity to be involved with the Stereo and Hi-Fi [brands] is very exciting. With Jason, Chris, and their team behind the creative and Antics behind the operations, I feel that we will push Stereo to a whole new level."

"Antics International has seen some quick, solid, and amazing growth with the Theeve and Armourdillo brands, and we are confident they have what it takes to help us take the Stereo and Hi-Fi brands to the next level,” adds Chris Pastras. “With Antics providing more of a sales force and more timely and organized production, we at Stereo can get back to doing what we do best... being creative, designing great stuff, making videos and riding skateboards. We're hyped! The time to see the Stereo and Hi-Fi Brands reach their full potential has come, and that time is NOW!"