Anton Gunnarsson’s Flat Fitty Signature Line

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Pro snowboarder Anton Gunnarsson and Flat Fitty have teamed up for a signature colab line of headwear. Flat Fitty/LAVISH Headwear announced today that Gunnarsson would be joining the team and designing a line of beanie’s, snap back, and fitted hats, over which he’ll have complete creative control.
According to the release: Flat Fitty will guide his ideas thru the development cycle and into distribution channels worldwide this Fall. Gun will continue dropping signature beanie, fitted, flex and snap back pieces throughout the upcoming 2010 season. His first release, the HELLZ YEAH GUNNARSSON Snap back is his first signature headwear piece for Flat Fitty / LAVISH Headwear.

anton gunnarsson
Gunnarsson, 24, a snowboarder since 1995, hails from Omeda Sweden and claims Nitro Snowboards, Raiden, L1, Dropdead, Lowlife, Junkyard SE, Bolle, Macbeth and Skullcandy among his notableĀ  sponsors. Gunnarsson explains his obsession to snowboarding and his sponsors like this "I have always taken my own path, creating my own style, breaking through with creative Snowboarding, tight pants and rock n roll in my heart. At the age of 24, I got a bunch of sponsors that supported my riding and I appreciate everything about that! It's nice to be important <to them> but it's more important to be nice."

Anton goes on, "I'm new to the Flat Fitty crew, but I'm gonna hit it hard with my first signature line, this is a dream come true. Anton finishes in true Gun fashion, "To have the ability to design my own styles with Flat Fitty is some epic CO-PRO shit, stuff that will hit you right in the face, just stay tuned to see what we drop together!"

General Manager, Justin Thompson sums up the colab this way, "Anton's nomadic lifestyle lends him to think of ideas quickly, sometimes off the cuff. Flat Fitty embraces this at-once design approach and quickly sources materials and pushes styles thru production. Our vast experience of achieving aggressive delivery windows makes Flat Fitty the perfect match to Gun's unique, at-once, design method."

"Gun takes his own approach when it comes to snowboarding, his off the beaten path mind-set is refreshing to see. He's a humble guy that's made a name for himself with his natural abilities, his drive and his heart, explains Tian Waters, CEO. His personality, far before his footage, is what got our
attention. Not to say he doesn't go big, he does, but he's a super nice guy, first and foremost, that's what's refreshing to Flat Fitty, finishes Waters.

About Flat Fitty:
Flat Fitty was born out of the Action Sport and Lifestyle industry's need for the highest quality, no hassle headwear manufacturing. For the last five years Flat Fitty has been helping our valued clients design, develop and produce the highest quality, on time, caps the headwear industry has ever seen. Gone are the days of super high minimums, order favoritism and missed shipped windows. Flat Fitty understands our industry's needs because we live in it ! Flat Fitty understands that one missed deadline or borderline quality order can be devastating to our clients in this
super competitive marketplace. Even more so now, in today's challenging economic environment. Flat Fitty isĀ  responding directly to our industry's need for a headwear manufacturer to step up and offer the highest quality caps, with no exceptions, no limitations or ridiculous "big business" conditions.

Flat Fitty concentrates above all else on quality, customer service and hitting time-critical deliveries. Flat Fitty routinely delivers bulk orders to X-Factory within 45 days. We will gladly provide references from any of our 400+ customers gladly, showing our 100% commitment to on time delivery. Having a manufacturer that hits tight and even aggressive deliveries allows brands to strengthening their deliver-ability position with chain stores and boutiques alike. To be known as a brand that can deliver allows your brand to be counted on when buyers make their decisions.
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