Aquil Brathwaite Turns Pro for Citystars



Aquil Brathwaite has moved up to the pro ranks. Aquil will ride for Citystars pro team and join the likes of Andrew Pott and Kareem Campbell. Check out the press release. 

Citystars proudly announces the 2nd new pro to the 2009 re up elevating Aquil Brathwaite to the pro ranks.

Aquil has built quite a reputation for himself both on and off the board. Damn Am Awards modeled and named the new "Most Annoying" award after Mr. Brathwaite. Kareem himself adds with a laugh "Yea, Aquil reminds me of ME!"

Aquil, like Big Reem, is an elusive character and anyone with pictures or clips of Aquil should contact to enter the contest to win a Citystars package. If you spot the nefarius character himself, usually found anywhere between Rhode Island and Hollywood, send in a picture of Mr. Annoying to enter the photo contest.  Expect to see Aquil's pro models alongside Andrew Pott and Kareem Campbell's at a shop near you

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