Aratik Welcomes Pro Snowboarder Trevor Jacob, Announces Release Of Signature Trainer

Aratik USA, manufacturer of the Aratik Boardsports Trainer, announced earlier today the signing of professional snowboarder Trevor Jacobs, and the release of the Trevor Jacob “Freight Train” Signature Board Sports Trainer. Read more from the press release below.


PRESS RELEASE – Trevor Jacob is beast. Period. Aratik is┬áproud to announce the release of the Trevor Jacob "Freight Train" Signature Board Sports Trainer. Trevor worked with us on the design and details of every aspect of this trainer to give riders the best tool possible to help improve their riding. The Orange Base with White Top along with the Freight Train graphic was done in homage to his historic Tahoe Train Gap jump and his train hopping cross country skate journey last year. Trevor embodies what Aratik is all about. Make your own path, do what you love, and create something amazing.

Lets talk about Trevor for a minute. This kid and his crew of GKC buddies are straight up metal. Trevor sees everything another way, he sees life as a challenge to enjoy every moment and entertain himself and his friends in the process. A break down of what he is good at is simple, Everything. He is a pro-snowboarder, is currently touring with Travis Pastrana's Nitro Circus as a skater, the first skater ever to do a corked double back flip on a skateboard, a base jumper, bmx rider, ripping surfer, downhill mountain biker, motocross rider, global traveler, has done back flips on his snowmobile and a host of other sports. Trevor loves life, loves his family and friends and loves action sports.

Trevor's home mountain is Mammoth and home surf break is Malibu although you can find him just about anywhere in the World at any given point in time. He is competing in as many major events as he can fit into his schedule such as the Dew Tour, Ultimate Boarder, U.S. Open and recently told us he is going to make a run for the next Olympics as a boardercross racer. Like we said. Kid is a beast.

Welcome to the team Trevor, we are stoked to have you with us.