Art Of The Craft Film Premiere At Stripe Men With Martijn Stiphout

Santa Cruz, CA-- Starbucks Doubleshot will  visit local California men's boutique retail shop Stripe Men, and transform it into a unique pop-up surfboard gallery for one week, this time showcasing independent surfboard shaper Martijn Stiphout's creative wooden masterpieces, and featuring the three video episodes to a select audience on May 10, just after the launch of the second episode online. Here’s more on the Art Of The Craft documentary series and Martijn Stiphout:

Starbucks Doubleshot® produces a true, local California surf community event and video series showcasing creative, up-and-coming, passionate surfboard craftsmen as they tell their compelling stories of building one-of-a-kind custom, high-end surfboards. The Starbucks Doubleshot brand is creatively carving its own path by pairing up with the surfing lifestyle and surfboard artisans. Featuring Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso alongside premium handmade California surf products emphasizes the craft, passion, and creativity that revolve both around the drink and the surfing lifestyle. Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso is formulated to help energize drinkers to achieve the things they are passionate about--through this program, the brand is able to do same for the local community.

Background on the Video Series and Related Events

Three short video episodes entitled Art of the Craft introduces the distinctive lifestyle of two select surfboard craftsmen, showcasing the art of design, shape, and construction while honing in on the passion and creativity used to design premium handmade California surf products. The craftsman featured in the videos include San Diego based Josh Oldenburg and Santa Cruz based Martijn Stiphout. The shorts will live on the Starbucks YouTube channel--the first chapter will be released on 5/3, the second on 5/10, and the third on 5/17.

Episode 1: The Art of Design

Episode 2: The Art of Shape

Episode 3: The Art of Construction

Shaper Biography

Martijn Stiphout

After graduating college with a degree in Marine Biology, Martijn Stiphout wanted to combine his interest in the environment with his passion for woodworking, an art he had learned from his father. In 2007, Martijn began shaping wooden surfboards in his backyard for himself, his friends, and finally a few customers who liked his work.

A few years later, he met Tyler Frome and the two opened up Ventana Surf Co. in Santa Cruz, California--an environmentally conscious surf shop born out of a passion for the ocean. The shop specializes in hand-made, custom wooden surfboards that rip fast and are built to last.

Martijn's boards experiment with modern and traditional design and are created with sustainable practices that include using locally sourced and reclaimed wood, reusing and recycling all scrap wood, and actively researching and testing ways to build boards that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Today, Martijn helps riders connect to the wave by creating custom, wooden boards that have their own personality and riding style.

"Wood has always been my favorite material to use and it made sense to build boards that way too. There is much more soul in a wood board than foam, it's hard to describe, but the boards are just different." - Martijn Stiphout for Megadeluxe