Adds More Rippers to Line-up


OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE – Last November, announced its decision to redefine athlete sponsorship. Stepping away from the dyed-in-the-wool tradition of logo-ing up athletes and sending them off to shred in hopes of some photo and video ROI, Backcountry has instead charged its pros with actively driving traffic to the e-tail site via social media.

Big-mountain rulers Sage Cattabriga-Alosa and Ingrid Backstrom were the first to join the team. Backcountry now welcomes:

Jeremy Jones (Big Mountain)
Erik Roner
Cody Barnhill
Jamey Parks
Rachael Burks
Julian Carr
Nick Devore
Will Cardamone
Noah Howell
Chris Davenport
Andrew McLean
Kasha Rigby
Drew Tabke
Jess McMillan
Tyson Bolduc
Chris Tatsuno

Rounding out the team are Karl Meltzer, the master of ultra-enduro mountain running, Don Bowie, super-accomplished high-altitude mountaineer, and Julia Niles, alpine climber, first descender and cancer survivor.

Backcountry's team athletes are ambassadors for the site, spreading the love through product reviews, personal profile pages, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogs, and core websites. Their job is to get the word out to their friends and fans, and in turn drive core customers back to Their incentive is a percentage kickback on each sale referred through their network of influence. The harder they work, the more money they make. It's a whole lot like affiliate marketing on a person-to-person scale.

"These guys now have motivation to participate in community, write product reviews, and make their presence known online however they can — and we plan to do everything we can to leverage their community action," Team Manager Jon Atencio said.

For more beta, and to check out all 21 athlete profile pages, visit the site HERE.