Banana Boards X Stussy Collaboration

Banana Boards X Stussy

Spring is in the air and freshness blossoms everywhere. This season, Banana Boards deliver us the freshest collaboration with world-renowned apparel brand, Stussy. This iconic mini cruiser sports not only the Stussy logo molded into the deck but also includes Stussy styled Stok’em wheels and the top tier Skate City trucks to maintain your cruizin’ steez! No collectable is complete without the threads and there’s a limited edition “Doughboy” Stussy shirt with artwork done up by pro skateboarding legend, Lance Mountain.

Keep your eyes out for these at your local specialist.

Check out the current line up of official Banana Boards at the store: Click Here

About Banana Boards:

Designed from the ground up in collaboration with LANCE MOUNTAIN. Featuring a radical traction-top surface covered with 3D grip-circles, Banana Boards set a new benchmark in plastic skateboard design. Banana Boards is dedicated to delivering the best quality plastic skateboard materials in a world saturated with low quality brands. Confidence you can cruise on!