Bonfire PLM Eichner On Pendleton Outerwear Collab

Weaving together winter and wool, Bonfire's “Tailored to Destroy” outerwear aesthetic links with Pendleton's renowned wool in a limited time collection focused on the union of natural warmth and style for next winter.

"It makes good sense for two Northwest firms to partner in a truly unique blending of technical outerwear and natural fiber craftsmanship," said Pendleton Menswear Division Manager Jim Buckner. "Bonfire and Pendleton combine to establish an entirely new order of functional, timeless apparel for the slopes and the lodge."

We caught up with Bonfire/Salomon Product Line Manager Amy Eichner on the trade show circuit and just found this footage in the vault.

Here’s a look at the full capsule collection:

Picture 1.jpg
Picture 3.jpg
Picture 4.jpg
Picture 5.jpg
Picture 6.jpg
Picture 7.jpg