Behind The Lines: Struggle Skateboards

TransWorld Business checked in with the crew at Struggle Skateboards to find out a little more about the brand’s new line. Here’s what they had to say about deck technology, distribution and more.

struggle skateboards: Ruben Najera Vacation Deck, $35; Tyrone Olson "Chef Boyartee Bone" Deck, $36

struggle skateboards: Ruben Najera Vacation Deck, $35; Tyrone Olson "Chef Boyartee Bone" Deck, $36

Any new, innovative materials used in the production of the 2009 decks?

We have our own custom Struggle shape. Both ends of the board are pretty similar to each other. Mid range concave on the Struggle shape. We also have an alternate shape which is a bit flatter for those that like the plank feeling underneath their feet. We basically just do different shapes, the wood is top notch. We do everything here in the States and are completely run by one hundred percent skateboarders. We skateboard everyday.

What were some of your best selling models in 2008?

The entire Roar series we had going. Those and a deck called Glorious which is actually still a part of our line at the moment. Also the Liberty deck with the Statue of Liberty holding up the Skateboard was pretty hot, too. Skateboarding is Freedom!

Do you suggest a retail price (MSRP) for decks? Why or why not?

For sure we do. We aim to get that high quality board out to the struggling skateboarder out there. Our boards have always been in the $35 to $40 range. And they will never go up in price. What you will see happen though is we have a price point coming out soon which will be priced even cheaper than our standard decks. Trying to help out the skaters even more. And we want to make sure it has a rad graphic too. It won’t even seem like a pricepoint to be honest. It will look top notch.

Do you use domestic distributors?

We do the distribution ourselves. If some distribution companies want to help us out give us a holler at

What are the pros and cons of using domestic distributors?

I guess losing track of who has your product in what shop. We got nothing but love for all the stores out there that want to carry the goods though, so it’s all good.

What is your company doing to help support core shops?

Every shop we sell Struggle skateboards in is a core shop. Every single one of them. We have really close relationships with the owners and are on it 24/7 making sure we can do everything we can to help them. We constantly are donating product and helping sponsor events they are throwing. And we always throw in loads of free product to shops who carry Struggle. We do this to help them out with sales and get kids stoked with some free giveaways that they can come up on.