Billabong’s Sterling Spencer and O’Neill’s Sage Erickson This Week on ‘The Daily Habit’


John Shimooka, Sage Erickson and the band "Low vs Diamond" - Monday 6.09.08
Today's guest has been rockin' the surf industry with his surfing, commentating and revolutionary surf products, John Shimooka is on the Habit.   Plus, O'Neill ripper, Sage Erickson drops into the studio.  Also, Low vs Diamond is here to romance the habit with their wistful chords. Sage Erickson's sponsors include: Vans, Oakley, O'Neill, Al Merrick, Revolution Surf Shop and Freestyle Watches.

Sterling Spencer and the band "Colour Revolt" - Tuesday 6.10.08
Today, Billabong team rider Sterling Spencer drops in.  Plus, we check out a tribute to legendary surf filmmaker Bud Browne at the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival.  Also, musical guest Colour Revolt brings us their own brand of indie rock.  Sterling Spencer's sponsors include: Cobian, Anarchy, Billabong, Local Motion Surfboards, Bully's Pads and Innerlight Surf and Skate Shop.

Matt Pailes and Craig Nejedly - Wednesday 6.11.08
Today's guest is owner of the Satori Wheel Movement and Creation Skateboards, Craig Nejedly.  Plus, co-owner of Creation, Pro Skater and musician Matt Pailes hits the habit.  Also, correspondent Lara D reports from final day of the Ultimate Boarder Competition in Ventura, CA.  Craig Nejedly's sponsors include: Satori, Creation, Guayaki Yerba Mate and Sambazon, Steaz.  Matt Pailes' sponsors include: IPath, Satori, LRG (flow), Creation, Guayaki Yerba Mate and Independent.

Lonnie Toft - Thursday 6.12.08
Today's guest is known for his creativity on and off the board - action sports pioneer Lonnie Toft is here.  Plus, Hal Morris rubs elbows with the famous folk at Hollywood Life's 10th Annual Young Hollywood Awards.  Also, correspondent Renee Renee checks in from the Clash at Clairemont.  Lonnie Toft's sponsors include: Tiki-Sol and Vans.

Beau Manley and Colin Morrison - Friday 6.13.08
Today, we have two members of the Metal Mulisha hittin' the Habit, Colin Morrison and Beau Manley are here.  Plus, correspondent Jessica Smith goes to the premiere of Twitch's new movie, "Hoodrich".  Also, Cameron Steele goes with the Mulisha as they hop on their bikes and take over Baja, Mexico.  And, we take a look back at an earth shaking performance from Every Time I Die.  Beau Manley's sponsors include: Draven and Metal Mulisha.  Colin Morrison's sponsors include: Draven, Blur, Hostility, Controversy Sells, Metal Mulisha and War.