Bing and Jacobs Surfboards Partners With Blair Foam

blair-foam.jpgOFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE – Under the license and leadership of 20-year veteran surfboard-builder, Matt Calvani, Bing & Jacobs Surfboards will not only join forces but also manufacturing space with SoCal-based surfboard blank manufacturer Blair Foam. Not since the times of Greg Noll Surfboards has a major board manufacturer endeavored to vertically integrate their production from blowing foam, to shaping, to glassing. Ironically, Bing & Jacobs currently operates out of the original Greg Noll surfboard factory (Hermosa Beach, CA) but plans to move into Blair Foam's larger more extensive facility in Gardena, Calif.

bing-surfboards.jpgPresident and head shaper, Matt Calvani, explains, "The surfboard manufacturing industry is changing faster than ever from material technology to offshore competition. After the closing of Clark and Walker Foam, it became absolutely critical to the survival of my domestic board-building business to secure a sound and reliable foam supplier. I've been using Blair
Foam since its conception and have been nothing but stoked with their product. And I've tried just about everything on the market."

Lovebird, by Bing Surfboards. Photo:

Bing & Jacobs General Manager, Margaret Yao, adds "When the opportunity arose at Blair Foam, it seemed like the natural progression for our business because it meant significantly reducing overhead cost while gaining economies of scale. It was also a chance to not only streamline our surfboard production to include surfboard blanks but also to directly impact
the growth and survival of our foam supplier." In addition to Yao's role at Bing & Jacobs, she also joins the Blair Foam team to assist in production management, communication and business development.

Matt Calvani's board-building career includes shaping for companies such as Spyder, Becker, Hap Jacobs, Lance Carson, Rick, and Bing; he took over the license for Bing Surfboards in 2000 and for Jacobs Surfboards in 2004.,

Blair Foam, after its recent acquisition of Green Valley Mill, is now one of the fastest growing surfboard blank companies in the world.