Blackout BMX Now Distributing Pro-Tec Helmets And Safety Gear

blackout BMX

Blackout BMX, located in Rochester, NY, is now the new distributor of Pro-Tec Helmets and safety gear. Pro-Tec is the premier brand for helmets and saety gear for action sports and they sponsor great BMX riders like Chris Doyle, Scotty Cranmer and Chase Hawk. Blackout BMX is a bicycle distributor that specializes in selling to bike shops, skate shops, and skateparks. Zack from Blackout BMX was able to give us a little insight into this new partnership:

How did this all come about?

I have personally been riding Pro-Tec Helmets forever and we have been talking to them about distribution for years. At the last Interbike Trade Show we were able to take some major steps in the right direction and things have been in the works ever since. As soon as our first shipment arrived we were so happy to be distributing such a good brand and to be fulfilling the needs of our customers.

Why Pro-Tec?

Pro-Tec is by far the best brand of helmets on the market. Their fit and feel is the best and nothing else compares. Our customers have been asking us for years to carry helmets and safety gear. We have had several opportunities to work with other helmet brands but I didn't want to sell something that I didn't believe in. Working with Pro-Tec was the perfect fit for us.

How does this partnership help Blackout?

The helmet category is a huge element that all shops need to carry and with the abundance of recent injuries to major riders, it's getting even more attention. Until now a lot of our customers haven't really had access to any helmets as it isn't the easiest of accounts to obtain. Now they will have access to the exclusive brand they have always wanted to carry.

What Pro-Tec items are you carrying?

We currently have  CPSC certified bike helmets and the skate helmets like the Classic and Bucky Lasek Pro, along with gloves all in stock. We will soon be receiving more safety pads, full face helmets, and more.

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