Boardworks International Acquired By C4 Waterman Principal


Boardworks/ C4 Waterman COO Bob Rief with Boardworks General Manager Phillip Rainey.

picture-2.pngOn May 8, Hawaii/ Sun Valley-based entrepreneur and principal owner of C4 Waterman, Mike Fox acquired Boardworks International for an undisclosed sum. Boardworks is an Oceanside, California based manufacturing and distribution company that currently produces sandwich construction board models from 15 prominent shapers including Ben Aipa, Bill Stewart, Mike Hynson, as well as SUP boards from C4 Waterman, which are designed by Dave Parmenter and Brian Keaulana.
picture-3.png According to Boardworks International General Manager Phillip Rainey, the company produced roughly 7,000 boards last year and currently has nine distributors established globally. The company's strongest sales regions are Hawaii and California. Rainey says the Japanese distributor is also doing well.

Industry veteran Bob Rief will now be acting as COO for both C4 Waterman and Boardworks. Boardworks will remain in Oceanside and retain its current employees.

"Some of the things that appealed to us are that this is a really nice-sized business, it's profitable, it's something that we can get our hands around, and it has great shapers," Rief explains. "We're really looking forward to working with all the shapers, and really getting behind them to work toward our objective, which is to double sales in the next two years."

Rief says the company has already established plans to ramp up production. "For a lot of the labels we're in a sold out position frequently, so we're going to be increasing our production somewhere between 25-30-percent," he says. "The idea is to ramp up production to be more inline with demand."