Burnquist Christ Air Backflip Video

Skate legend Bob Burnquist landed the world's first-ever "Christ Air" backflip during the North American debut of Nitro Circus on June 4 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Nitro Circus Tour at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV

Photo: Garth Milan

The World's First Synchronized FMX Double Back Flip Performed at Nitro Circus Live in Las Vegas
Top Action Sports Athletes Pull Off Amazing Feats during the Show's North American Debut at the MGM Grand Arena

Las Vegas – June 5, 2011 – 17-time X Games medalist Travis Pastrana and dozens of the world's greatest action sports stars performed in the North American debut of Nitro Circus Live at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas last night.

The show of world-firsts kicked off when Pastrana asked his long-term girlfriend, Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins to marry him. "I wasn't supposed to do this until the end of the show, but I was so nervous I couldn't wait. This is a night of world-first stunts, and this stunt involves the rest of my life," said Pastrana. The crowd went wild.

The excitement was elevated when Pastrana and Cam Sinclair landed the world's first-ever, two rider synchronized FMX double black flip. Sinclair is known for completing the biggest comeback in action sports history when he won the X Games FMX biggest trick in 2010, landing a perfect double back flip only one year after the same trick nearly took his life. "I have always dreamed of doing this trick side-by-side with Travis and tonight that dream true," said Sinclair.

Other insane highlights of the night included the attempt to complete a triple back flip on a BMX bike. Rider James Foster barely missed the landing.

Pastrana kept things interesting when he went to Gregg Godfrey, CEO of Godfrey Entertainment, to enlist his children to complete the first-ever three person FMX back flip. Godfrey Entertainment is overseeing the production of the 3D Nitro Circus Live movie, which will include footage from the Las Vegas show.

Skateboard legend Bob Burnquist also had a big night landing the world's first-ever "Christ Air" back flip.

Next in line was the inspirational wheelchair athlete from Las Vegas, Aaron 'Wheelz' Fotheringham, who made the crowd erupt when he landed a front flip off the Giganta ramp in front of his hometown.

Other memorable moments included the first-ever two rider mini bike combination jump, FMX rider Josh Sheehan attempting his first-ever double back flip, and a number of world first stunts with crazy contraptions thrown off the 50-foot Giganta ramp, including a drink cooler with wheels, a boogie board, a "Barbie" car, a side car BMX bike, and a number of back flips on kids' tricycles.

The Nitro Circus crew will continue filming for the 3D feature film and will announce details for the Nitro Circus Live European and North American tours to take place in late 2012. For up-to-date tour information and behind-the-scenes footage visit www.nitrocircuslive.com