Body Glove X Garrett McNamara Collab On Big Wave Flotation Wetsuit

Garrett McNamara laying it down in Portugal. Photo courtesy of Body Glove.

Body Glove has recruited big wave Guinness World Record holder Garrett McNamara to help create a new flotation wetsuit designed for big wave, cold water surfing. McNamara has no shortage of experience surfing big waves, riding the largest wave ever ridden in Nazare, Portugal last year.

"Working with a great team such as Body Glove, I had no doubt that we would be successful on our first go at making a suit developed strictly for survival in life threatening conditions," said McNamara. "After some testing in big waves and then taking the Martin Stepanek's Waterman Survival course, I came to the conclusion that we have built the perfect suit for big wave surfing."

Read on for the specs on Body Glove and McNamara’s new wetsuit:

The Body Glove Big-Wave Floatation Suit is a culmination of several, specialized design features that in combination provide Garrett with the increased level of safety and performance he requires. Facilitating a faster surfacing time, the interior of Garrett's suit is comprised of a system of modular foam inserts strategically placed in key areas of the suit to provide customizable floatation, equivalent to almost 3 adult life jackets. In order to maximize the efficiency of each portion of the suit the exterior panels were engineered with the least amount of seams possible and built entirely of Magna-Flex; Body Glove's top of the line super-stretch material.