Bonfire/Salomon Hire Rob McCutcheon

rob mccutcheonRob McCutcheon has joined the Bonfire and Salomon sales squad where he’ll be holding things down as the U.S. sales manager.

According to the release:
McCutcheon has relocated to the SUSA office in Ogden, Utah from the East Coast where he spent the past year operating Right Co. Sales LLC., an independent rep agency representing DC snow, outerwear, shoes and apparel.

"Having Rob join our crew here is a big step toward our number one goal next year, which is working with retailers to demonstrate how dramatically and positively Bonfire and Salomon Snowboards have changed for the better in the last year. I'm stoked to have him on board – he's an old friend, a super solid sales manager and a dedicated veteran of the sideways lifestyle," said Director of Marketing Brad Steward.

McCutcheon's history in the snowboard industry runs deep.  Prior to his time with DC, he helped grow US sales for Nitro Snowboards as the Sales Manager and VP of Sales and Marketing from 2001 to 2008.

McCutcheon sights the existing opportunities for Bonfire to grow in the Pacific Northwest, Utah and Southern California as a point of interest in working with the brands.

"Most kids want to be part of something and Bonfire is something that they can relate to," he said.

In regards to the Salomon brand, his outlook is similarly optimistic.

"Salomon has enough strength in the marketplace, we have a great chance to take some market share," said McCutcheon.

Salomon Snowboards is heading into its third season operating under the Salomon and Bonfire Alliance based in Portland, Oregon.