BrakeBoard Pty Ltd. Innovates Skateboard Braking System

Australian skateboard innovation company Brakeboard releases new high-tech braking system for skateboards


Victoria, Australia (February 21st, 2013) – Brakeboard Pty Ltd, with an award-winning Australian design, has just released an exciting new foot-braking system, especially created for use with longboards. The longboard is the fastest growing segment of the sport of skateboarding.

The Brakeboard is the world's first internal footbrake for a skateboard.

brakeboard trucks_board

"A wide range of people are attracted to the product – from parents, who see it as a valuable safety addition to their son or daughter’s skateboard, to expert longboarders who recognise that it will give an extra exciting dimension to skating downhill."

The new Brakeboard system consists of matching front and rear axles, with the brake mechanism in the rear axle. This kit can be easily fitted to a skater's existing board, or customers may choose to purchase a fully assembled longboard.

This revolutionary system incorporates a foot pedal which allows the rider to use their body weight to stop the board effectively over a short distance, or control speed down steep descents.

On-line product sales have been made to customers in USA, Canada, South Africa, Western Europe, as well as locally in Australia. Very positive reviews and comments have been received.


“The longboard trucks are awesome, they are stable and ride great, brakes very strong but controllable. 10 out 10 rubber chickens”. “I have been longboarding more regularly up to 16km and have had no problems with performance, trucks or brakes.  Very happy indeed.”

Ben Newman, the Company's Head Designer and Inventor of the Brakeboard, won several awards during the product's early development. He won an episode on the ABC television's The New Inventors,  a Yellow Pages Business Innovation Award and was a runner-up in the 2006 WA Inventor of the Year Award.

Full details and demonstration videos for the Brakeboard can be found on the Company Website, The product can be purchased online through the website, selected Australian retail outlets or via the Brakeboard Showroom at 110 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda, VIC.