Brixton Signs Jason Jessee

PRESS RELEASE: Oceanside, CA (October 30, 2012) – We are honored to welcome legendary skateboarder Jason Jessee to the Brixton team.   A Southern California native, Jason spent his early days skating the Del Mar Skate Ranch before breaking into the scene with his classic part in Santa Cruz Skateboard's '89 video Streets of Fire.  Known for his perfect frontside ollies and pioneering style both on and off the board, Jessee appeared in 17 skate videos and his pro heyday in the late 1980s made a permanent mark on skateboarding history.  In 2012 Jessee received the Legend Award from TransWorld SKATEboarding and he continues to influence people all over the world.

"Jason is an inspiration to people inside and outside of skateboarding," said Brixton co-founder and Brand Manager David Stoddard.   "He brings a rich heritage to the Brixton family and we are honored to be working with him."

“I feel right at home on Brixton," said Jessee.  "I'm into everything they're into, so it’s very comfortable.  I wear two hats and a lot of clothes and their stuff rules so I am fully stoked on being a part of this."

These days Jessee spends most of his time in Watsonville, CA, running his company The Driven Skateboards and working on his hobbies which include riding and building motorcycles, vintage cars, wooden boats, welding and collecting firearms.

Jason Jessee joins skateboarders Taylor Bingaman, Ernie Torres, Anthony Schultz, Jordan Taylor, Kevin Coakley, Dolan Stearns, Christian Maalouf, Tyler Mumma, Frecks, Rowan Zorilla and Sean Pablo Murphy in the Brixton Union.

Jason's sponsors in addition to Brixton include Converse, Stance, OJ’s, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Hoven, Indy and The Driven.