Burton Canadian Open Snowboarding Championships Update

The second day of the annual Burton Canadian Open Snowboarding Championships got off to a slow start this morning at Canada Olympic Park as the venue was socked in by a heavy fog resulting in a four hour delay of the men's slopestyle pre-qualifications.

73 men were signed up and ready to drop into the slopestyle course which was made up of a step-up saddle to down box, followed by a down flat down kink rail, a log jib, down rail, wall ride and three kickers. As morning turned into afternoon the fog slowly lifted, finally allowing the first of two heats to get underway. 37 men dropped, in a best of two run pre-qualification round.

Ben Watts, who had a stellar showing at yesterday's halfpipe qualifications came out on top with a run that started off with a Cab 180 to frontside boardslide, followed by a gap to lipslide on the kink, into a frontside 360 lipslide, followed by a boardslide 270, pulling a stylish Cab 540 mute off the first hit into a fronts 720 lein finishing with a backside 720 mute grab.

Canadian Jon Versteeg took the top spot in his heat with a run that started off with a half Cab to 270 switchup, into a frontside boardslide, followed by a backside 360 handplant off the log, into a 270 slide on the down rail, followed by a Cab 180 into wallride, Cab 720 melon on the first hit, a switch backside 540 over the channel, finishing with a backside 720 tailgrab.

The top 15 men from each heat plus the next ten highest scores are advancing on to Thursday's qualifications, in total 24 men from heat 1 and 16 from heat 2.

The Burton Canadian Open action continues tomorrow with men's slopestyle quals. An overall male and female Burton Global Open Series Champion will be crowned at the final event, the US Open Snowboarding Championships held in Stratton, Vermont. The top three men and women will take home equal prize money, with first place winning $50,000, second place $30,000 and third place taking home $20,000.

The Burton Global Open Series is also part of the Swatch Ticket To Ride World Snowboard Tour (TTR), the largest group of independent freestyle snowboard events in the world. TTR ranks riders based on their results at participating competitions and crowns a TTR World Champion at the US Open. For more information on the Swatch TTR World Tour, visit www.ttrworldtour <http://www.ttrworldtour/> .com

If you can't make it to Canada Olympic Park, watch the semifinals and finals live on Go211.com, where webcasts and highlights of the competitions will also be available for on-demand viewing once the event is over. The 2010 Canadian Open halfpipe and slopestyle action can be seen on The Score on February 28 at 4:00 p.m. EST.

Slopestyle Pre-Qualification Men Heat 1
1 Ben Watts                              USA     BURTON
2 Brett Esser                             USA     OMATIC
3 Brendan Davis                         CAN     BURTON
4 Robby Balharry                       CAN     WESTBEACH
5 Jordan Rehrer                         USA     REVOLUTION
6 Cavin Donald                           CAN     —
7 Matt Munn                              CAN     ELECTRIC
8 Clemens Schattschneider        AUT      RIDE
9 Tyler MacRae                         CAN     —
10 Jan Necas                            CZE      GNU
11 Tyler Anderson                      USA     SMITH
12 Hans Mindnich                      USA     BURTON
13 Pierce Mimura                       CAN     BURTON
14 Ethan Morgan                       GER     FORUM
15 Adam Wissenz                     CAN     —
16 Bryan Daino                          USA     SIMS
17 Kyle Hefkey                          CAN     —
18 Marc Magee                          CAN     TECHNINE
19 Darcy Sharpe                        CAN     BURTON
20 Kiichiro Kazumi                     JPN      VOELKL
21 Kyle Thomas                         CAN     —
22 Robbie Johnson                     CAN     —
23 Bryce Parry                          CAN     RIDE
24 Blaze Kotsenburg                  USA     QUIKSILVER

Slopestyle Pre-Qualification Men Heat 2
Jon Versteeg                          CAN     NOMIS
2 Jordan Phillips                        CAN     NOMIS
3 Joachim Krogstie                    NOR     BURTON
4 Zak Stone                               CAN     VOLCOM
5 Craig McMorris                       CAN     CLASS5
6 Franc Thomas                         SUI       HEAD
7 Jam Gallagher                         CAN     SENTURY
8 Jack Shackleton                     GBR     RIPCURL
9 Jacob Trevor                           USA     NIKE6.0
10 Adrian Krainer                       AUT      ELAN
11 Chris Hagerty                        USA     GKC
12 Andrew Matthews                  CAN     WESTBEACH
13 Simen Neraker                      NOR     32 SNOWBOARD
14 Brydon Hunt                          CAN     —
15 Graham Banks                      USA     HEAD
16 Stephen Burchill                    CAN     BILLABONG

Burton would like to thank WinSport Canada, Go211.com, Paul Mitchell, Amp Energy, Samsung, Travel Alberta, Tourism Calgary, Calgary Hotel Association, Alberta Lottery Fund, Snowboard Canada Magazine, Transworld Snowboarding Magazine and Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour for their support of the Canadian Open.