Canadian Surfer Sepp Bruhwiler Joins Billabong Team

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: Billabong has reached into the Canadian market to acquire its newest surfing talent, Tofino's Sepp Bruhwiler. Bruhwiler has been a strong force in Canadian waters for years, and has started to turn heads in the international scene with magazine coverage of his powerful style.

Sepp Bruhwiler signs with Billabong

"Having Sepp on our program is going to really help us develop in that area, and round out our already strong global program" comments Steve Clarke, Billabong's International Team Manager.Billabong welcomes Sepp to the team and Sepp feels privileged to be in the family. "I am so stoked to be at Billabong" says Bruhwiler. "Just being on a team with guys like Andy Irons, Taj Burrow, Joel Parkinson, Shane Dorian and Mark Occhilupo is super-exciting."Bruhwiler grew up surviving the Canadian wilderness and all that the West Coast has to offer. From learning to surf cold waves at an early age, to hunting deer, to fishing for 300 lb halibut, and even trapping bears so that they can actually get to surf spots, it's no wonder that Bruhwiler is often referred to as a 'pioneer' in these parts. His fearless style has transformed into a combination of power surfer and soul surfer; focusing less on contests and more on the search for progressive experience.The west coast of Canada is quickly becoming better known as a playground of new waves. That will play a big part in his contribution to Billabong."Sepp's psyched to continue to look for more waves which he says he's finding all the time," says Risto Scott, Marketing Director at Billabong, Canada. "His innate knowledge of the area is something that Billabong will be using in the near future as opportunities to shoot in that area become more abundant."Bruhwiler’s other sponsors include Excel Wetsuits, Spy, Surf Tech, H2O Audio, Adio Shoes, Futures Fins, and "Live to Surf" Surf Shop.