Charlie Anderson New Publisher Of TW Surf

Charlie Anderson, recently promoted to Publisher of TW Surf, with New Era's Braden Dahl

Charlie Anderson, recently promoted to Publisher of TW Surf, with New Era's Braden Dahl

TransWorld Media announced Tuesday, August 4, that Charlie Anderson has been promoted to Publisher of TransWorld SURF. Anderson, who has served as Associate Publisher for the title since 2007, will now be in charge of all advertising and marketing opportunities for advertising clients within TW Surf’s magazine, online, events and video properties, according to the official press release. Anderson has a long history with the TransWorld, extending back to 1995:

“Anderson began his tenure at TransWorld Media in 1995 as the sales manager. During that time, Anderson helped launch TransWorld SURF. He then left TransWorld to pursue other interest within the industry, working with companies such as DC Shoes and Dragon, only to return "home" to TransWorld in 2007 as the Associate Publisher for TransWorld SURF.

‘Every day I am amazed with the evolution in surfing, and TransWorld is right there to be a part of it—as we intended from the beginning. I am pleased to get this opportunity to be a part of something as forward thinking as TransWorld SURF, and it will be interesting to see where we take surfing in three, five, and twenty years.’

‘Charlie exemplifies everything that is TransWorld SURF,’ said Liam Ferguson, Group Publisher for TransWorld Media. ‘He is progressive in his approach to how he works with clients and brands, and he knows exactly where the future of surfing is going. I had the pleasure of hiring Charlie back two years ago, and I am amazed at what he has accomplished in that time.’

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