Churchill Launches New Tungsten Bearings

Churchill Manufacturing has launched Tungsten skate bearings with the intention to provide skaters with a new skate bearings technology and also promote a peace initiative through Longboarding For Peace. Here’s the press release:

Churchill Bearings

Churchill Manufacturing has just introduced Tungsten Bearings. These bearings are unusual for many different reasons, not the least of which is the fact that they are found in classified military weaponry.

The bearings are created in a vastly different way than the traditional process. Unlike other bearings,there is no grease or oil used for lubrication. Pure Tungsten Alloy Carbide is blasted into the races and balls of the bearings.

The process is known as "impinging." A micro layer of Tungsten Carbide Alloy is deposited on all rolling surfaces of the bearing that reduces the coefficient of friction to the lowest level.

"These bearings do not use lubrication of any kind" explains Troy Churchill, owner of Churchill Manufacturing. "There are no shields either, yet their longevity is unsurpassed and they are maintenance-free. Some Tungsten Turbine bearings have been running continuously for over 45 years."

Temperature is the death of all engines and most mechanical devices. When a bearing heats up, the oil inside thins and "slips" out the sides. Heat then dries up the remaining film and the bearing is running metal to metal.

This happens frequently in the world of skateboarding. Fortunately, Tungsten Bearings have an achievable temperature tolerance of over 6,000 degrees so they can handle the heat and don't have to worry about continuous lubrication.

You'll find these bearings on NASA Shuttles, Mars Rover explorer and in the engines of Formula 1 racing cars.

The bearings so intrigued Michael Brooke, publisher of Concrete Wave and founder of Longboarding For Peace that he approached Churchill for a marketing collaboration. "I was fascinated by the idea that these bearings come from the military industrial complex" says Brooke. "The fact that bearings in guns are now in skateboards is an excellent example of repurposing technology for peaceful civilian applications."

Thanks to the generosity of Churchill Manufacturing, a portion of each set of bearings will pay for the promotion of Longboarding for Peace. "We plan to print more stickers and give away more t-shirts to help spread the message" explains Brooke. "We are grateful for the support of Tungsten Bearings."

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