City Council Lifts Skateboard Ban in Binghamton, New York

According to a story posted Tuesday, April 22, on the official Press & Sun Bulletin Web site: The Binghamton city council on Monday voted unanimously to lift a ban on skateboarding in the city, while keeping the ban in place downtown.

While skaters may use their boards to coast on the city’s streets and sidewalks, they are not allowed to perform jumps or other tricks.

About 35 local skateboarders, some carrying boards, attended the meeting. They punctuated the speeches of skaters and council members with polite applause throughout the meeting.

Several council members expressed reservations about removing the ban, but said they were swayed by the skaters’ engagement and involvement with the city. A group of youths has been working closely with Councilman Sean Massey, D-5th District, to lobby for the change.

“It’s up to you guys to obey the laws the way they are written,” said Teri Rennia, D-3rd District.

To read the entire story, visit the Press & Sun Bulletin’s site HERE.