ColdDist LLC Announces Launch Of Evolv Snowskating

PRESS RELEASE – ColdDist LLC, the owners and worldwide distributors of Premier and Fortrus Snowskates, are proud to announce the launch of their new brand; Evolv Snowskating.

Evolv is a pro based brand that has been in the works for over a year. We scouted out the best snowskaters and visionaries of the sport. The team includes Phil Smage, Josh Oakes and Bjorn Ryan-Gorman as well as Jake Boss. These team riders have been working with skateboard legend and manufacturer Paul Schmitt of PS Stix to create a new line of Snowskate decks that will allow all riders to raise the bar on riding tricks. A team video is in the works and some cuts from the video will be playing at ColdDist's booth at SIA and ISPO trade shows. We are working to bring an all new snowskate to the market that allows you to shred powder and hills and take your skills to the streets. Riders Phil Smage, Josh Oakes, Bjorn, and Jake Boss are all testing and putting in work to introduce the new Evolv Snowskate soon. To the rider Phil Smage is melon grabing on one of the prototype boards. You can follow us on Instagram as well as Facebook to see what were up to, where we are skating, and filming in progress. The new website is EVOLVSNOWSKATING.COM.