Cor Surf Launches New Multi-Board Rack


Cor surf announced Tuesday, March 18 the release of its revolutionary new multi-board rack, designed to function as four racks in one, according to a statement issued Tuesday, March 18, by the compnay.

The new rack can hold three boards, display two boards, store six boards vertically or store two boards and display one. The new rack comes in a dark-stained wood and is strong enough to hold the eheaviest of longboards. The Cor multi-rack has been designed and produced to be of the highest quality and one of the best priced multi-racks ever made, according to the release.

Order now and receive a free stainless steel Cor multi-tool, the only multi-tool designed specifically for surfers. For more information, ask your local shop or check out

Cor Surf Currently manufactures the best sellling single board rack int eh USA and is the innovator of the first ever multi-tool designed specifically for surfers, appropriately named “The-Tool.”