Cricket Campus Rail Jam Tour Finals In Portland

After four months on the road the Cricket Campus Rail Jam Tour endured a white out from Portland to Boulder, snapped chains, smelly feet, 60 mile an hour winds, 1,386 Red Bulls, broken RV, sled tow ins to the sickest backcountry, crashed hard drives, smashed lenses, wild after-parties with Swollen Members, jibbing ghost towns, stolen snowboards, random hookups, 36 hours of straight raging in Vegas, 736 Clifbars, smooshed skateboards, San Diego Beaches, over 5,000 dollars in bar tabs, and more safety meetings then the crew could handle. All of this to return to the granola-crunchin’, rain-lovin’, micro-brewin’ Willamette Valley of Portland Oregon for the Cricket Campus Rail Jam Tour Finals

Starting at 3pm on Friday, May 23, in Pioneer Courthouse Square, the top snowboarders and skiers from the tour will traverse the three treacherous features that have been sessioned more then Steve’s Sister Sally. The course will be built Friday morning using 55+ tons of snow trucked in from Mt. Hood and dumped in Pioneer Courthouse Square. An event of this magnitude hasn’t been hosted in the Square since Red Bull Heavy Metal back in 2003. The competitors will be vying for their share of more than $5,000 in cash that will be awarded to the top skiers, females and snowboarders.

Many local industry representatives, including Darrell Mathes and guest judges Tim Windell and Jarad Hadi, will make special appearances to represent their home state. Spectators at the Portland Finals will have the opportunity to upgrade their gear by winning product from tour sponsors including snowboards, goggles, cell phones, ski equipment and much more.

Join the riders, sponsors and crew later that night at club Dirty for the official Cricket Campus Rail Jam Tour after-party and a night that should be remembered but most likely won’t.

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