Cuipo And Int Board Shop Collab To Save The Rainforest

Saving the rainforest one wave at a time.

Cuipo x Int “Catfish”

Press Release:

Newport Beach, CA - June 2013 - Cuipo, the innovative social enterprise working to protect and preserve the rainforest, has partnered with INT Soft boards.  With the purchase of every board, called the "Catfish," 10 square meters of pristine rainforest is preserved. 

The 5'10" Cuipo x INT Soft board is made of recyclable, closed-cell foam.  Its thermally bonded, waterproof core is lightweight and durable.  The "Catfish" is high performing and perfect for all conditions. To purchase, visit

Cuipo's preservation efforts are centered on the belief that the best way to stop deforestation is to buy rainforest and preserve it, which is exactly what they do.  With revenue from numerous product lines and partnerships, the company purchases large parcels of land for permanent preservation. 

While the general public can contribute by purchasing meters of land or Cuipo merchandise such as the "Catfish" INT Surfboard, businesses and organizations can partner with Cuipo for brand activations, green education, collaboration, and product licensing. 

By purchasing and owning rainforest land, Cuipo ensures the resources are never exploited and the landscape is preserved in perpetuity. For more information, please visit