Cypress Halfpipe Project on Schedule

Game on!  Cypress Mountain’s once barren slopes are beginning to fill out…with the help of some heavy machinery.

ASP working hard to get the Cypress Mountain halfpipe ready for Olympic action.

The Cypress Mountain halfpipe is almost ready for Olympic action.

With less than two weeks to prepare for the 2010 Olympic Halfpipe Event, Arena Snowpark Construction Ltd. (ASP) says its employees are working hard to “maximize the available snow” at Cypress Mountain.  Bales, of hay, snow blowers, helicopters, snowcats, and other snow-building tools are supplementing ASP’s labor force to create an  Olympic-worthy pipe at rapid speeds.

Helicopters transport bails of hay to Cypress Mountain.

Helicopters transport bails of hay to Cypress Mountain.

Despite improvements to Cypress’s halfpipe, many Canadians say they are unhappy with the amount of money and resources involved in its construction.

One commenter on APS’s Web site sarcastically thanked Canadian politician Gordon Campbell for his support of the project, and stated that the “legacy” of the Olympics will leave Canadians with “years of higher taxes and debt repayment.”

Another commenter  praised Olympic organizers for their ingenuity; however, he suggested that using busses to transport Olympic athletes and spectators to Washington or Oregon for a more adequate half pipe might make BC residents happier.

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