Developer Gets Green Light For Minturn, CO Ski Resort

Voters in tiny Minturn, CO turned out en masse on May 21 to voice their approval for annexing 5,300 acres into their town to help the Ginn company move ahead with its plans for a new ski resort, 1,700 condominiums, and up to two new golf courses. The land is located on Battle Mountain, a short distance from Vail, and was purchased by Bobby Ginn’s company for $32.75 million.

The annexation was previously approved by a unanimous vote of the town council. However, a few locals felt that Minturn residents should have some say in the decision. This group gained enough support to force the referendum. 357 (50%) of the voters turned out to vote on the referendum compared to only 227 votes cast in April’s general election.

In an effort to help win the hearts and minds of locals, Ginn pledged $180 million to improve Minturn’s infrastructure and services. Locals were also promised limited access to the resort’s amenities. Bobby Ginn has been active in Minturn lately personally lobbying residents.